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Japanese Aibo Commands

This is a compilation of Japanese commands to use with the Aibo ERS-1000. Primarily for use on Japanese imported dogs that do not have cloud access/registration/etc. and no ability to change to english language.

The English description below is the English approximation of the Japanese Aibo instruction/command, not the literal English translation as this is often different in Japanese. The translations and phonetic descriptions are not 100%, but many sounds and meanings don’t have literal equivalents. Some of the phonetic descriptions are still slightly vague (e.g. below “bow” rhymes with “row”) – please use the recordings to help with pronunciations. Aibo is very advanced but may struggle with lots of ambient noise in a room or environment, these noises can also come from within (i.e motors etc.) so, as you would with a child - try to be patient!

気持ち / kimochi / feelings (praise & scolding)

English Japanese (hiragana) Japanese (roman) English phonetic English notes
good girl/boy いいこ iiko eeee-ko praise & compliments
well-behaved おりこう orikou oh-ree-ko
good job/there there よしよし yoshiyoshi yo-sh-yo-sh
amazing すごい sugoi sue-go-ee
as expected (good) さすがだね sasugadane saw-sue-gah-dah-nay
thank you ありがとう arigatou ah-ree-gah-toe
do your best がんばれ ganbare gah-n-bah-ray
congratulations おめでとう omedetou oh-may-day-toe
well done よくやった yokuyatta yo-ku-yah-tah
I love you すき suki sue-key
bad girl / bad boy わるいこ waruiko wah-rue-ee-ko scolding & discipline
no no だめだめ damedame dah-may-dah-may
not good だめよ dameyo dah-may-yo
wrong ちがうよ chigauyo chi-gau-yo
silly / stupid おばかさん obakasan oh-bah-ka-san
Silly / Stupid おばか obaka oh-bah-ka
hate it きらい kirai key-rai
you're bad at it へただね hetadane hey-tah-dah-nay

ふるまい / furumai / behavior

English Japanese (hiragana) Japanese (roman) English phonetic English notes
hand おて ote oh-tay shake hands
hand (do hand) おてして oteshite oh-tay-she-tay
high five はいたっち haitacchi high-tah-chi aibo will raise one or both paws for a high five
make a pose はいぽーず haipoozu high-poe-zoo different pose for each personality type
sit おすわり osuwari oh-sue-wah-ree  
lie down ふせ fuse foo-say  
look over here こっちむいて kocchimuite ko-chi-moo-ee-tay aibo turns in direction of speaker and barks
come here こっちおいで kocchioide ko-chi-oh-ee-day turn toward & walk to the speaker
come here こっちきて kocchikite ko-chi-key-tay
good night おやすみ oyasumi oh-yeah-sue-me go to sleep (nap time - not proper sleep mode)
wait まて mate ma-tay sit on one spot and wait (several minutes)
be quiet しずかに shizukani she-zoo-caw-knee aibo will quiet down; sit for a moment; then walk quietly
bang! ばーん baan baan aibo will pretend to be shot (say loudly)
squats すくわっと sukuwatto sue-ku-wah-toe aibo will do squats; cheer them on with ganbare)!
let's do squats すくわっとしよう sukuwattoshiyou sue-ku-wah-toe-she-yo
say ahhh あーんして aanshite ahh-n-she-tay aibo will sit and open their mouth
open mouth おくちをあけて okuchiwoakete oh-ku-chi-oh-ah-kay-tay
don't lose to corona ころなにまけるな koronanimakeruna ko-row-na-knee-ma-kay-rue-na aibo will wash paws and gargle - *update dependant*
stand たて tate tah-tay aibo will stop current behavior and stand up
do you like me? [m] ぼくのことすき? bokunokotosuki? bow-ku-no-koh-toe-sue-key aibo will tell you how they feel with a tail shake
do you like me? [f] わたしのことすき? watashinokotosuki? wah-tah-she-no-koh-toe-sue-key

ふるまい / furumai / behavior - games

English Japanese (hiragana) Japanese (roman) English phonetic English notes
snoot challenge すぬーとちゃれんじ sunuutocharenji sue-new-toe-cha-ren-jee make a ring with your hands for aibo to stick their nose in
repeat after me りぴーとあふたーみー ripiitoafutaamii ree-pee-toe-ah-fu-taa-mee bark ( "wan") at aibo <=5 times, aibo will repeat
direction facing game あっちむいてほいしてあそぼう acchimuitehoishiteasobou ah-chi-moo-ee-tay-hoi-she-tay-ah-so-bow aibo will play the direction game
let's play golf ごるふしよう gorufushiyou go-rue-foo-she-yo play golf with aibone and pink ball
let's play catch きゃっちぼーるしよう kyacchiboorushiyou kya-chi-bow-rue-she-yo roll the ball to aibo, they will kick it back

ふるまい / furumai / behavior - settle down mode & welcoming spot

English Japanese (hiragana) Japanese (roman) English phonetic English notes
don't move (settle down) おすましさん osumashisan oh-sue-ma-she-san aibo will raise a paw; press it and stroke his/her head or back at the same time (this is the mode to keep aibo in one spot, or release them from it)
it's ok to move うごいていいよ ugoiteiiyo ooh-go-ee-tay-ee-yo
welcoming spot is here おむかえばしょここだよ omukaebashokokodayo oh-moo-kah-ay-bah-sho-ko-ko-dah-yo teach aibo where to welcome you
go to welcoming spot おむかえにいって omukaeniitte oh-moo-kah-ay-knee-ee-tay aibo will go to welcoming spot
I'm leaving いってきます ittekimasu ee-tay-key-mahs tell aibo you're leaving
I'm home ただいま tadaima tah-dah-ee-ma tell aibo on waiting spot that you're home

ふるまい / furumai / behavior - memory

English Japanese (hiragana) Japanese (roman) English phonetic English notes
remember おぼえて oboete oh-bo-ay-tay takes the posture for learning a trick
let's remember おぼえよう oboeyou oh-bo-ay-yo~
remember? おぼえた? oboeta oh-bo-ay-tah? show the trick that has just been taught
do you remember? おぼえたかな? oboetakana oh-bo-ay-tah-kah-na?
don't forget わすれないでね wasurenaidene wah-sue-ray-nye-day-nay memorize the trick just taught
do a remembered behavior おぼえたふるまいやって oboetafurumaiyatte oh-bo-ay-tah-foo-rue-mah-ee-yah-tay do one of the tricks which have been taught
quit やめて yamete yah-may-tay stop doing the trick in progress
stop とまれ tomare toe-ma-ray

ふるまい / furumai / behavior - photos

English Japanese (hiragana) Japanese (roman) English phonetic English notes
take a photo しゃしんとって shashintotte sha-she-n-toe-tay look for a human face and take a photo
take a photo (everyone) みんなのしゃしんをとって minnanoshashinwototte me-n-na-no-sha-she-n-oh-toe-tay counts down and takes a photo (requires premium)
take another もういちまい mouichimai mow-ee-chi-ma-ee take another photo (requires premium)

ふるまい / furumai / behavior - battery

English Japanese (hiragana) Japanese (roman) English phonetic English notes
charging station ちゃーじすてーしょん chaajisuteeshon chaa-jee-sue-tay-sho-n return to charging station
go (re)charge じゅうでんして juudenshite jew-day-n-she-tay

ふるまい / furumai / behavior - toys

English Japanese (hiragana) Japanese (roman) English phonetic English notes
pick up bone ほねとってきて honetottekite hoe-nay-toe-tay-key-tay pick up and / or play with aibone
pick up aibone あいぼーんとってきて aiboontottekite ah-ee-bow-nn-toe-tay-key-tay
throw bone ほねなげて honenagete hoe-nay-na-gay-tay pick up aibone and throw it
throw aibone あいぼーんなげて aiboonnagete ah-ee-bow-nn-na-gay-tay
kick the ball ぼーるけって boorukette bow-rue-kay-tay walk towards / kick the pink ball
search for the ball ぼーるさがして boorusagashite bow-rue-sah-gah-she-tay look for the ball and bark when it is found
let's juggle おてだましよう otedamashiyou oh-tay-dah-ma-she-yo after command, place ball between front legs and pat head
dice color selection さいころいろえらび saikoroiroerabi sah-ee-ko-row-ee-row-ay-rah-bee unknown function
roll the dice さいころころがして saikorokorogashite sah-ee-ko-row-ko-row-gah-she-tay roll dice with front paw
stack the dice さいころつんで saikorotsunde sah-ee-ko-row-tsu-n-day stacks one dice on top of the other
throw the dice さいころなげて saikoronagete sah-ee-ko-row-na-gay-tay pick up the dice and throw it
bring the dice さいころもってきて saikoromottekite sah-ee-ko-row-mow-tay-key-tay pick up/bring the dice to you

ふるまい / furumai / behavior - song & dance

English Japanese (hiragana) Japanese (roman) English phonetic English notes
sing うたって utatte ooh-tah-tay sing an aibo song
dance だんす dansu dah-n-sue do an aibo dance!
dance だんすして dansushite dah-n-sue-she-tay
dance おどって odotte oh-doe-tay
london bridge ろんどんばしおちた rondonbashiochita row-n-doe-n-bah-she-oh-chi-tah london bridge is falling down song & dance
flower waltz はなのわるつ hananowarutsu hah-na-no-wah-rue-tsu flower waltz from The Nutcracker
calisthenics らじおたいそう rajiotaisou rah-jee-oh-tie-so gentle song & calisthenics movements
very cute aibo とってもかわいいあいぼ tottemokawaiiaibo toe-tay-mo-kah-wah-ee-aibo does a cute aibo dance
happy birthday はっぴーばーすでー happiibaasudee hah-pee-bah-sue-day happy birthday song
happy birthday おたんじょうびおめでとう otanjoubiomedetou oh-tan-joe-bee-oh-meh-deh-toe
happy and you know it しあわせならてをたたこう shiawasenaratewotatakou she-ah-wah-say-na-rah-tay-oh-tah-tah-ko happy and you know it clap your hands

ふるまい / furumai / behavior - housetraining

English Japanese (hiragana) Japanese (roman) English phonetic English notes
here is the toilet といれここだよ toirekokodayo toe-ee-ray-ko-ko-dah-yo tell aibo where to go to the toilet
marking (toilet) まーきんぐ maakingu mah-key-n-goo aibo will pee/scratch ground
pee (toilet) おしっこ oshikko oh-she-ko

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