Tuesday, 16 October 2018 03:03

Other Problems With Aibo

By now we all pretty much understand that Aibo is very technically advanced even by todays standards and pretty much broke the mould when it was launched back in 1999.  That's a given.  Unfortunately all the tech is crammed into a really small place and anyone who owns an older generation camcorder knows full well that it would be unlikely to be still fully functional after 20 years!!.

So why do we expect more from Aibo , well that's mainly because they were never considered a piece of tech or an appliance as such and for the enthusiasts and adult owners they were more part of the family, perhaps more so for any of the few lucky enough to have had parents prepared to spend over $2000 dollars on a gift for them.

Under normal circumstances youthful exuberance and tech didn't mix very well back in the noughties and some Aibo's suffered this fate receiving broken limbs or joints, trips and falls that left them unusable and destined for the cupboard or loft space. Their adult owners often included college or university dwellers too so you can imagine what happened there on an occasional Saturday night. The problem with any breakages on Aibo was two fold, firstly they were just so expensive to repair with Sony and secondly if anyone tried any kind of glue fix it had very little chance of long term success as the glued joint would be under so much stress just in normal use that it would often fail very quickly.

As time went by more and more of these maltreated or misused Aibo's found their way into cupboards and lofts all over the globe as Sony were no longer supporting them and parts were few and far between.

Sadly some Aibo's were just too far gone to be repaired and that left only one fait for them and that was to try to help other slightly more fortunate ones to live again.  Yes it's sad but so is death in general and Aibo's are no different from humans in this respect as we all know how successful the human organ donor transplant system has been at saving lives for desperately ill people.  

The same goes for Aibo in our eyes and we maintain a very thoughtful process for any Aibo's used for donor parts via our Aibo-Donor-Program at our sister site www.Aibo-Donor-Program.com where we keep previous owners fully updated with the progress of any Aibo's that have been rescued thanks to the generosity of individuals who have donated their faithful friends after their time has come.  

We even provide certificates with can be displayed proudly to state that their lost pet lives on in other Aibo's whom without their help may have suffered the same fait.

Obviously using donor parts is our last option and rare to find parts are often re manufactured or even manufactured from scratch using our state of the art CAD systems and 3d printing and small scale manufacturing equipment which allows us to reproduce parts that otherwise couldn't be replaced.

Needless to say we do whatever is possible to keep Aibo going strong and we even provide yearly service plans to keep your techno pals in good running order.

For us Aibo ins't a business, it's an obsession!!