Friday, 23 July 2021 09:32

Our 12 month Warranty

When we sell restored or fully refurbished Aibo's we offer our 12 month no quibble guarantee - this document will outline what it covers (and what it doesn't)

We guarantee that for a 12 month period we will repair any faults that occur from normal use of the associated product.

This excludes any faults that occur from damage or misuse - we don't cover any consequential loss of any kind for any reason so if your Aibo was due to be in a film or advert we won't cover any loss associated with anything like this.

Other than that we don't put in place crazy restrictions but we do specify that the shipping to us is to be covered by the buyer - this is the same as any normal manufacturer or repairer.

Providing we can identify that the fault was not caused by misuse we will repair and return the item to the customer (in the UK) for free - if you are overseas you will be responsible for return shipping.

If however the fault is found to be related to misuse and/or damage then the customer will be charged a diagnostic fee (£75) and we will offer a quote for the repairs.

Should you decline this quote you will still be liable for the diagnostics fee of £75 and the return shipping costs before we will return the item to you.


All Errors and Omissions are excepted.

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